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Do you have pain from a car accident?

It’s been few days since you were in a car accident and the pain becomes worse. Why? Your muscles and ligaments get pulled and strained during the accident.  This will cause damage to them.  However you may not feel it right away.  What happens is an inflammation process occurs that swells the muscles and limits your motion.  This is to protect you immediately after a trauma.  However, this process isn’t necessary after a day and becomes worse over time.  The good news is-  soft tissue injury responds well to acupuncture.  One of the reasons is, aside from pain, someone in an auto accident has other conditions.  This includes sleeplessness, anxiety and stress.  Acupuncture works well with treating all these conditions.  On top of that, acupuncture helps increase the healing properties of soft tissue by directing the bodies natural energy towards it. Research shows that the sooner acupuncture is performed after an accident, the better.  Acupuncture and auto accidents is becoming a more accepted treatment.  This is evidenced as more automobile and health care insurance plans carry it.

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Common Post Car Accident Injuries

Whether it be a fender bender or a totaled car, car accidents bring serious damage. This damage is not just to the car but to the persons involved. These accidents cause various types of injuries to many parts of the body depending on the characteristics of the crash and the severity of the impact. One of the most common injuries are injuries to the head. These injuries are due to the head being hit or hitting an object forcefully. The head can suffer bruising, bleeding, swelling, and possible brain damage. Another one of the most common injuries one experiences after a car accident are injuries to the neck. For example, whiplash is fairly common with more mild car crashes, due to the car abruptly stopping or moving. However, other injuries such as a cervical dislocation or a disc injury can be more severe and longer lasting.

These specific injuries can also cause spinal injuries. If a bone fragment or ligament tore into a section of the spinal cord, this can cause loss of feeling or even function. Other injuries that car accidents can cause are back injuries. The most common back injuries are strains, herniated discs, and fractured vertebrae. These back injuries result in tremendous pain and loss of mobility. One factor that these injuries have in common is that most of them will not show up until days/weeks post accident or they may continue to persist long after an accident. Even though there is a such a wide range of injuries that can occur, it is critical to be evaluated by a doctor for any and all aches and pains.

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Minor Impact, Major Injury

Injuries from car accidents varies. Many correlate the severity of the injury to the amount of damage that is done to the vehicle. For example, if the car was completely totaled then that person must be suffering some pretty severe injuries. However, if it was a minor crash and the cars involved were not very damaged or did not have any damage on them, naturally one relates this to minimal or no injuries at all. This logic, though it may be instinctive, is not true.

When one is involved in a car accident, no matter how big or small, our bodies react the same way. Our brain signals the release of adrenaline throughout our body. This hormone is released in times of stress and it activates the body’s fight-or- flight response. Thus, one’s heart rate increases, blood vessels dilate, oxygen is delivered faster, awareness increases, pain sensation decreases, and strength and performance heightens. When a vehicle collides with another vehicle, this response is triggered to any drivers or passengers involved. Therefore, with just a little crash the body can mask any pain that one might be feeling. In a car accident, the energy that is being put into the collision, must be exerted. If no damage is present on the receiving vehicle, then that energy must have been exerted to the driver and/or the passengers. Ultimately, one cannot compare the damage done to a vehicle with the severity of a coinciding injury. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to be evaluated post-accident. No matter how minor the impact of the collision was or how much damage was done to the vehicles involved, the injury one can potentially suffer is major.

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