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Do you have pain from a car accident?

It’s been few days since you were in a car accident and the pain becomes worse. Why? Your muscles and ligaments get pulled and strained during the accident.  This will cause damage to them.  However you may not feel it right away.  What happens is an inflammation process occurs that swells the muscles and limits your motion.  This is to protect you immediately after a trauma.  However, this process isn’t necessary after a day and becomes worse over time.  The good news is-  soft tissue injury responds well to acupuncture.  One of the reasons is, aside from pain, someone in an auto accident has other conditions.  This includes sleeplessness, anxiety and stress.  Acupuncture works well with treating all these conditions.  On top of that, acupuncture helps increase the healing properties of soft tissue by directing the bodies natural energy towards it. Research shows that the sooner acupuncture is performed after an accident, the better.  Acupuncture and auto accidents is becoming a more accepted treatment.  This is evidenced as more automobile and health care insurance plans carry it.

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