Car accidents can cause various types of injuries.

If not treated, these injuries may become persistent. When you are released from the ER after a car accident, most of the time the physician will prescribe pain medication. Usually the medication helps suppress the pain temporarily. However, many times the pain persists and people are experiencing the same aches and pains that were initially present post car accident.

This is due to soft-tissue injuries.

These injuries start immediately after your car accident or it can set in over the next couple of days/weeks. Soft-tissue injuries respond very well to naturopathic care/acupuncture. If you are experiencing pain since your accident, contact Dr. Diane Lee, ND, L.Ac  for an evaluation.

After being involved in a car accident, your body is extremely vulnerable.

This means that the care you put into your body predicts not only the speed of recovery, but also the possibility to fully recover. Many resort to pain medication to manage the severity of the pain. The pain is masked with medication, allowing you to move your body in ways you typically would not be able to post accident. This disrupts the healing process and thus, recovery time lengthens and the ability to properly recover is diminishes.

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Furthermore, PIP or Personal Injury Protection Insurance (automobile insurance) covers Naturopathic care and Acupuncture treatment 100% for the driver, passenger(s), pedestrians and/or bicyclists affected by a motor vehicle accident.

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